Krystal M. Ramroop, better known as Krys, is an innovative American born Indo-Guyanese creative writer and aspiring professional film and television actress. A first-generation summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the City University of New York’s City College (CCNY), Krystal’s a music, film, and tea junkie at heart and hopes her curiosity and niche for cross-cultural writing will allow her to share her research and experiences and create a realm for readers to join her in. She also enjoys reading, watching cricket and soccer, singing and dancing to her favorite Caribbean and Indian tunes, and dabbling in photography. With upcoming releases in Brown Sugar Literary Magazine and three Caribbean anthologies, her writings have been featured in Promethean Literary Journal and online for her WordPress website, The Art of Storytelling, Akashic Books’ Flash Fiction Duppy Series, Brown Girl Magazine, and Avaaz Media.