Brown Geeks are the community driving Avaaz Media, a media and production company dedicated to creating products and content with stories rooted in Asian mythology.

That is what we do.

Who we are is in our name. Avaaz means “voice.” This platform gives voice to Brown Geeks.

Brown Geeks are surfacing stories and voices buried too long, as ancient cultures are bucketed as “diverse” and billions of people are marketed to, outsourced for their talent, but not heard from.

Brown Geeks are industry professionals who want to break the cycle of the same few getting green lights to execute ideas.

Brown Geeks are media professionals who believe inclusivity expands the imagination, society, and ourselves.

Brown Geeks are geeks redefining “that guy” in gaming chat rooms and the hyper-aggressive toxicity infiltrating spaces we want to just chill in.

Most of all, Brown Geeks are passionate content creators who no longer want genres with unlimited worlds to be limited by gatekeepers.

The gates have opened... The time has come to tell our own stories. In genres with infinite universes, our stories should not be limited.

Art by Ken Ulti

Who are Brown Geeks?

Any definition of geek is laced with negativity.

  1. a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked.
  2. an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity.
    …and the favorite…
  3. a carnival performer often billed as a “wild man” whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake.

For too long, geeks have been thought of as societal outcasts.


Geeks have an insatiable curiosity for how things work and why things are the way they are. “Geeking out” is delving deep into a body of knowledge. It’s how you relate to the world.

Geeks don’t live their life in the middle, they go for whatever they want. They are passionate about their lifestyle and what excites them: AI, model airplanes, mythology, D&D, clodbusters and frogs for RCs, Monty Python, astrophysics, Star Trek, comics, Casio’s Databank calculator watch, makeup for cosplay. With no apologies.

Brown Geeks are geeks who want to dive deeper into anything geeks do except the genesis of the product or stories is east of Italy (South and Southeast Asian, Muslim, Persian, Filipino, and more) and bring to the surface anything too long considered “alt-mainstream” topics.

Go ahead and bite the head of the snake.

Who we are

Amisha Upadhyaya

Ryan Thomas Riddle

Brianna da Silva

Lohanne Cook

Sim Dhugga

Tamara Syed

Miranda Deebrah

Kevin Andrew Murphy

Devika Bhattacharya